Smart Table Lamp, Dimmable LED Nightstand Lamp for Bedrooms


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  • Install the App on your iOS or Android smart device, then connect the Smart Table Lamp to wifi to start your smart home experience immediately. You can remotely control the table lamp on or off from your phone or tablet to wake you up with bright white light in the morning, use it as a room night light for a gentler room at night, or choose from any of the 16 million colors to create your unique ambiance for parties, dates and more.
  • Working with Amazon Alexa and Google Home,you can also set smart scenes through the Tuya Smart App and apply them to Siri Shortcuts.You can control your smart table lamp with your voice, steplessly adjust the brightness from 1% to 100%, choose the color temperature from 2800K to 6500K or change the atmosphere of your room with your desired color, with just your voice at the controls.
  • The smart table lamp can be controlled not only by smart devices, but also by touching the top of the smart table lamp. Tap the top to turn on/off the light or switch the color cycle mode. In the color cycle mode, double tap the top to lock/unlock the current color and long press the top to adjust the brightness.
  • This smart desk lamp has a minimalist and modern design style, while having a strong portability. Considering that Type-C interface is more widely used, we use Type-C interface for power supply to increase portability. (The package includes Type-C connection cable and power adapter)
  • You can create timers, timers or countdowns in the app to automatically turn on/off the light based on your daily activities. You can also customize your scenes and add custom scenes to siri shortcuts to enable siri voice control of your smart table lamp.


AMERCOT Compatible with Alexa Dimmable LED Nightstand Lamp Google Assistant Smart Table Lamp
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