Barry The Bear Box Cheese Grater


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  • Handy and Dandy – Meet Barry, the great food grater and shredder. A very cute and talented kitchen grater made by the Design Awarded OTOTO Studio. We think he’s the “grate-est” among graters for kitchen. Not just a cheese shredder, he’s a vegetable grater too. Shred parmesan, carrots, nuts, and chocolates with ease while keeping your hand protected! No more dodging sharp, pointy edges, while preparing homemade delicious food for the family!
  • The “Grate-est” Gift of All – Just the sight of Barry brings a smile to your face. But he’s more that just a lovely cheese grater to brighten up your place. Compact and functional, he makes mundane and tedious kitchen tasks more pleasant and fun. So why not surprise your parents, friends, or anyone? If you want a unique, lovely gift, Barry The Great will be the perfect treat!
  • Man of Stainless Steel – Our hero is a stainless steel grater! With a surface that keeps rust away, Barry is here to stay longer. And he’d be just fine when you pop him in the dishwasher! With this super box grater, you got more cheese to shred. More fruits and vegetables to grate. And more fun and laughter to create!
  • Great with Kids – Now, getting your kids to help with the meal prepping is easy. This 5.1 x 3.3 x 2.2 inches of cute-ness can keep their hands busy. Let Barry the box cheese grater do the trick with his quirky charm. The non-slip surface makes grating easier and safer, even for young hands. So if you want to easily convince your kids to help in the meal prep, your secret technique is to bring out Barry!
  • A Sprinkle of Fun- Ever heard of the one where they lived happily ever after? Well, that’s always the story with OTOTO’s household products. Why? Because everyday chores are no longer a bore when you’ve got adorable gadgets to explore! Our team strives to create functional products with a quirky and unexpected twist. We love sprinkling in a bit of fun and magic in all that we do and we hope you feel the same way too!


Barry The Bear Box Cheese Grater Cheese Shredder Compact Stainless Steel Food Grater & Shredder Kitchen Grater OTOTO Vegetable Grater
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