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Crystal whiskey glasses


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  • A TASTE OF LUXURY AND QUALITY: Made of ultra-clarity crystal glass, Fifth & Fox’s Whiskey Glass Set is ideal to sip your favorite whiskey, scotch, bourbon or any other beverage. The elegant contoured “Gradient” design offers stability, fits perfectly in your hand and the heavy and easy to hold base grants a comfortable and natural way of balancing your drink.
  • FIFTH & FOX UNIQUE AND EXCLUSIVE: Exclusively designed for Fifth & Fox and guaranteed to be inimitable, the sophisticated style creates an extraordinary vibe to any home bars. Serve your favorite stiff or mixed drink and be sure to impress your guests with its bold statement and unique feel.
  • 100% SAFE DRINKING CRYSTAL GLASS: Unlike many other whiskey glasses, our European-designed glass set is constructed with only premium, ultra-clarity crystal glass that’s 100% lead-free. Each glass is made to be versatile as it fits any shot or mixed beverage, plus plenty of ice cubes or whiskey stones.
  • IDEAL AS A GIFT: Delivered in an exclusive and luxurious gift box that’s inspired by the shape of Fifth & Fox’s logo, this set makes a perfect present for your loved ones. Perfect for your partner, mother, father, sibling, friend, client, or coworker for Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Holidays, or any occasion that you can think of!
  • 100% DELIVERY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: These glasses are made of only premium material and designed to offer solid but elegant functionality and they are dishwasher-safe. We are certain that our whiskey glasses will arrive in pristine conditions, but for peace of mind, they are covered by the Fifth & Fox 100% Delivery Satisfaction Guarantee!


crystal crystal whiskey glasses whiskey glasses
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